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Appeal Academy Charter Membership

What is a Charter Membership, you ask?
Let's make this simple, eh? Rather than give you some long-winded spiel about how wonderful we are, we'll keep this simple and straight-forward. How's that?

What YOU Get with your Membership:

One Year of OnDemand Playback for All Finally Friday! show Recordings
(about 45 hours of webinars as of Jan 1 2019)
One Year of Download Access for All Finally Friday! show slide decks
One Year License to distribute our decks as-is within your provider-based organization.
All together, we'll probably do about 30-36 webinars in a year.
(Now keep that in mind, when you read below...)

What WE Get for your Membership:

THEY want Per Webinar:  $ 229.00

THEY want Per Year Subscription:  $ 3588.00

WE ask for Annual Dues:  $35.00

And by the way, there is NO AUTOMATIC CHARGE made when your 365 days are up. We HATE how that's done, and so we won't do it. If you still want access in a year, you can choose to pay your dues again, and at the SAME RATE.
That's why we call it a CHARTER Membership! 
You're helping us get going, and we APPRECIATE YOU.



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