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Appeal Academy was created by Ernie de los Santos in January, 2011. We are most well known for two products:  The RAC Shadow Agency and Finally Friday! Shows.

The RAC Shadow Agency was created tongue-in-cheek to track the audit activities of the four original Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) companies, hired by CMS in 2008. I developed software that scraped the "New Approved Issues" pages at the four RACs, and tracked all changes and new issues being added, providing free downloads of said issues, for providers. Otherwise, there was not a simple way to track these issues, and the RACs were good at making it difficult to do so. Eventually, there was no need to do this as often, and today, we create such lists on a weekly basis and post them on this site for free and easy access by providers.

The popular talk show Finally Friday! began as an open-mike type of "Ask-Me-Anything" webinar, with it's own chat room and guest speakers, industry experts that I knew from speaking at conferences around the country. While my own expertise was the RACs, there were plenty of other subjects to discuss and teach. 

Finally Friday! is designed to not necessarily give whole solutions, but at least point in the direction of solutions to various problems in healthcare compliance and revenue integrity.

The show is supported by sponsors, who contribute both money and content, to keep the show free and relevant.

Best of Luck with All Your Appeals,

Ernie de los Santos, MBA SSA



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